What Order Should I Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix?

Curious about the best order to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix? Dive into a strategic viewing plan to unlock the series' full depth and meaning.

If you're contemplating the order in which to view Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix, consider that it holds a 8.5/10 rating on IMDb, showcasing its enduring popularity.

Starting with the original series can lay a crucial foundation for understanding the complex narrative that unfolds in subsequent installments. However, the real intrigue lies in how these seemingly disjointed pieces come together to offer viewers a comprehensive insight into the world of Evangelion.

By following a strategic viewing order, you'll unlock the full depth and meaning behind this iconic series, ensuring an immersive journey through its intricate storytelling.

Key Takeaways

  • Start with the original series and Evangelion: Death(True)2 for foundational understanding.
  • Dive into The End of Evangelion for a darker, thought-provoking finale experience.
  • Explore Rebuild of Evangelion movies for a fresh perspective and updated animation.
  • Conclude with Evangelion 3.33 and 3.0+1.0 for a definitive and emotionally resonant ending.

Original TV Series and Evangelion: Death(True)2

Indulge in the original TV series of Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix, a captivating journey into psychological depths and intricate character narratives, setting the foundation for the subsequent cinematic masterpiece, The End of Evangelion. The original series, comprising 26 episodes, is a masterclass in weaving complex psychological themes with profound character development. As you watch the original series, you'll be drawn into the minds of the characters, unraveling their inner struggles and witnessing their growth amidst the chaos of the world around them.

After immersing yourself in the original series, consider delving into Evangelion: Death(True)2, a skippable recap available on Netflix. This recap not only provides a refresher on the events of the series but also offers a glimpse into what awaits in The End of Evangelion. By watching Evangelion: Death(True)2, you gain valuable context that enhances your understanding and appreciation of the upcoming cinematic experience. The seamless transition from the original series to this recap sets the stage for the profound journey that lies ahead in The End of Evangelion.

The End of Evangelion

The End of Evangelion serves as a pivotal and controversial alternate series finale, diverging from the original 26 episodes with a darker and more explicit narrative tone. Originally planned as an OVA, this concluding film was released theatrically, shocking audiences with its intense and graphic content.

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The End of Evangelion takes a different storytelling approach compared to the original series, delving deeper into the psychological struggles of its characters and presenting a more complex and ambiguous conclusion. The explicit nature of the film has sparked debates among fans, with some praising its boldness and others criticizing its disturbing imagery.

Watching The End of Evangelion after the original series allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the series' conclusion, offering a darker and more mature perspective on the themes explored throughout Neon Genesis Evangelion. Whether you appreciate its artistic boldness or find it too extreme, The End of Evangelion undeniably leaves a lasting impact on viewers with its unique and debated conclusion.

Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22

Exploring the Rebuild series of Neon Genesis Evangelion provides a fresh perspective on the familiar narrative with updated animation and altered character dynamics. Evangelion 1.11 serves as the initial movie in the Rebuild series, offering viewers a retelling of the original series with enhanced visuals and new scenes. It delves into the early episodes of the TV series but brings significant changes and improvements to the storyline.

Evangelion 2.22, the second installment, introduces new characters, further straying from the original plot and adding depth to the narrative. Watching Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 after experiencing the original series allows you to witness a new take on the familiar story, providing you with a fresh outlook on the characters and their journey.

Here are some aspects to look out for in Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22:

  • Updated animation that breathes new life into the classic scenes
  • Introduction of new characters that add complexity to the storyline
  • Altered character dynamics that bring fresh interactions and conflicts
  • New scenes that expand on the original narrative
  • Enhanced storytelling that offers a different perspective on the familiar events

Evangelion 3.33 and 3.0+1.0

In the Rebuild series of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the third movie, known as 'You Can (Not) Redo,' takes a controversial turn by delving into complex themes, political infighting, and offering a hopeful resolution. Evangelion 3.33 challenges viewers with its intricate narrative, exploring the consequences of humanity's actions and the struggles of its characters. As the penultimate installment, it sets the stage for the long-awaited conclusion in Evangelion 3.0+1.0.

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Evangelion 3.0+1.0, titled 'Thrice Upon a Time,' finally brings closure to Shinji's story with intense fight scenes and a satisfying conclusion. This final movie in the Rebuild series beautifully wraps up the intricate storyline while providing fans with a definitive and emotionally resonant ending. The film not only ties up loose ends but also offers a profound exploration of its characters' growth and development throughout the series.

Both Evangelion 3.33 and Evangelion 3.0+1.0 are available on Amazon Prime Video, and watching them in sequence after the original series and The End of Evangelion is crucial to fully appreciate the complexities and resolutions within Shinji's journey.

The Manga and Alternate Spinoffs

Delve into the diverse interpretations and expansions of the Neon Genesis Evangelion universe through its manga and alternate spinoffs.

The manga offers an alternate take on the story, providing unique character interpretations and a different ending compared to the original anime series.

Non-canonical spinoffs like Angelic Days, The Shinji Ikari Raising Project, and Petit Eva present fans with different universe interpretations, giving a fresh perspective on familiar characters.

Detective Evangelion adds a new layer to the franchise by introducing detective mysteries within the Evangelion universe, catering to fans who enjoy a blend of genres.

Additionally, various video games offer alternate universe interpretations of Evangelion, allowing dedicated enthusiasts to explore different facets of the series through interactive mediums.

These spinoffs not only enhance the Evangelion experience but also provide fans with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the universe beyond the mainline series and movies.

Rebuild of Evangelion Movies

Venture into the realm of the Rebuild of Evangelion Movies, where the original series undergoes a transformative evolution through updated animation and reimagined story elements. Watching the Rebuild movies after experiencing the original series and The End of Evangelion is highly recommended to delve deeper into the complex narrative and characters. These films, including 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone, 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance, 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo, and the final installment 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, offer viewers a fresh perspective on the Evangelion universe.

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Rebuild of Evangelion Movies Features
1.11 You Are (Not) Alone Updated Animation, Extended Cuts
2.22 You Can (Not) Advance Enhanced Story Elements, Amazon Prime Video Availability
3.33 You Can (Not) Redo Richer Experience, Amazon Prime Video Availability
3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time 4K Collector's Set Release on October 17, GKids and Shout Factory Collaboration

Immerse yourself in the Rebuild films for a cinematic experience that adds layers of depth and visual splendor to the iconic series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Order Do I Watch Evangelion on Netflix?

For a complete Neon Genesis Evangelion experience on Netflix, watch in release order. Dive into its psychological themes, hidden meanings, and impactful animation. Engage with fan theories, character analysis, and symbolism while immersing in its unique soundtrack.

Where to Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion in Order?

To watch Evangelion in order, explore various streaming platforms for the anime series. Follow the chronological order of release dates, episode list, English dub, Japanese version, fan theories, and Easter eggs. Dive deep into the Neon Genesis Evangelion universe.

Should I Watch Death True 2 or End of Evangelion First?

You should watch 'End of Evangelion' first before 'Death(True)2.' It follows the true order of events and provides a more conclusive ending to the Evangelion series. Save 'Death(True)2' for later to enhance your understanding of the story arcs.

Is Neon Genesis Evangelion Different on Netflix?

When watching Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix, you'll notice changes like updated animation style, soundtrack modifications, and pacing differences. These alterations enhance the viewing experience, providing a fresh perspective on character development and storyline evolution.