XFINITY TV Beta App for Roku

What is the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku?

It’s another app that is in Beta trial that permits XFINITY TV clients to get to their XFINITY TV link benefit, including live and On Demand programming and also cloud DVR recordings, on a Roku spilling gadget or Roku TV.

Why are you calling it a “Beta” app?

In spite of the fact that the app presently is still in its improvement stages, we’re making it accessible to our clients to give it a shot and give us input. Permitting clients to get to the app before we finish the greater part of our arranged advancement will help us make some last changes before our official dispatch.

The XFINITY TV Beta app wo exclude the capacity to lease or purchase programming or play back beforehand obtained programs. SAP may encounter discontinuous accessibility in the XFINITY TV Beta app. The advancement group will keep endeavoring to include those elements and others and enhance ease of use all through the Beta stage. For extra data on elements and usefulness, please visit the XFINITY TV on Roku string on

What is required to utilize the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku?

To utilize the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku, you should at present subscribe to XFINITY TV and XFINITY Internet benefit, have no less than one Comcast-if TV box, a CableCARD and have a good IP portal in your home. What’s more, XFINITY Stream clients who have a good XFINITY IP entryway will likewise have the capacity to utilize the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku.

Amid this Beta stage, because of specialized confinements, clients utilizing the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku (other than Stream clients) can just utilize that app on optional TV outlets and should have no less than one Comcast-if TV box or CableCARD in their home. Optional TV outlets utilizing Rokus don’t require a Comcast-if TV box or CableCARD.

In the event that you are a present XFINITY Internet client, you needn’t bother with any extra gear in light of the fact that your Internet door can likewise be utilized as your link benefit portal. In case you’re not a XFINITY Internet client, we are endeavoring to make link just portal hardware accessible soon.

What Roku gadgets would I be able to utilize the app with?

At first, the XFINITY TV Beta app may be accessible for use on the accompanying Roku players: Ultra (4640), Premiere (4630), Premiere (4620), Express (3710), Express (3700, 3710), Roku TV (5XXX, 6XXX: Models inside the 5000 and 6000 territory), Streaming Stick (3600), Roku 4 (4400), Roku 3 (4200, 4230), Roku 2 (4210). The XFINITY TV Beta divert will just appear in the channel store for qualified gadgets. Gadgets must be on least firmware variant 7.5.

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Is there a charge for utilizing the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku?

Clients won’t pay gear accuses of regard to their utilization of Roku gadgets. Every single other expense related with a client’s administration will apply, aside from that, amid the Beta trial, extra outlet charges for administrations to outlets associated with Roku gadgets are being deferred. On finish of the trial, you will be educated of the charges that will apply for associating this gadget with your XFINITY TV benefit and will have the chance to pick in.

Will the XFINITY TV Beta app utilize information from my XFINITY Internet Data Usage Plan?

No. The XFINITY TV benefit conveyed through the XFINITY TV Beta app is not an Internet benefit and does not touch or utilize the Internet. Or maybe, it is a Title VI link benefit conveyed exclusively over Comcast’s private, overseen link arrange, so it won’t number toward your XFINITY Internet Data Usage Plan. Use of whatever other apps on Roku gadgets, including any TV Everywhere apps available with your XFINITY TV qualifications, do utilize the Internet and will mean something negative for your XFINITY Internet Data Usage Plan.

How would I get the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku?

You can download the XFINITY TV Beta app from the Roku channel store with your Roku gadget.

I simply requested XFINITY TV administration, would I be able to utilize the XFINITY TV Beta app before my expert establishment?

No, the XFINITY TV Beta app requires establishment of XFINITY TV benefit before enactment.

Could I utilize the XFINITY TV Beta app when my Roku is not associated with my XFINITY in-home WiFi?

No, the XFINITY TV Beta app permits you to get to your XFINITY TV link administrations, which are just accessible in your home through your in-home XFINITY arrange. You won’t have the capacity to utilize the app in the event that you are associated with another system, including XFINITY WiFi hotspots or any “XFINITYwifi” organize that might be accessible in your home.

Will I utilize my XFINITY TV Beta app at a companion’s home or a lodging room?

No, you can’t utilize the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku outside of your home, however you can even now get to your most loved substance in a hurry through the XFINITY TV app on your cell phone, tablet, or PC. Also, XFINITY TV clients with Roku gadgets can utilize a wide assortment of software engineer apps to get to their TV Everywhere programming outside the home utilizing their Comcast accreditations.

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Why does the app say I should be on my home system? I am on my home system!

Make certain you are associated with your in-home XFINITY organize and not the system called “XFINITYwifi,” which is a WiFi hotspot that visitors who are XFINITY Internet clients can utilize, so you don’t have to give out your secret word. On the off chance that your modem or passage is given by XFINITY, the system name is more often than not as an afterthought or base of the modem or portal. In case you don’t know, simply call us at 1-800-XFINITY, and we can walk you through it.

How would I enroll my XFINITY TV Beta App on Roku?

On the off chance that you don’t subscribe to XFINITY TV, visit where you can check your administration qualification and request XFINITY TV. In case you’re now a XFINITY TV client, the first occasion when you utilize the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku, select Get Started to start the administration validation handle. For points of interest on the enactment procedure, see our actuation article. On the off chance that you experience difficulty amid any period of the enactment procedure, please Contact Us.

Do I have to sign out of the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku after every utilization?

No, you just need to sign out when you wish to expel a Roku from your record. On the off chance that you sign out of the app, you’ll be required to re-enlist the gadget whenever you endeavor to utilize the app.

What number of gadgets can stream live TV as well as XFINITY On Demand content all the while?

Clients can stream their link administration to up to five gadgets all the while, and that incorporates Roku gadgets, cell phones (iPads, tablets, telephones), and PCs.

Will I buy a Roku gadget from Comcast?

Roku gadgets are accessible for buy at most real hardware retailers like Walmart, Target, and online through Amazon or straightforwardly from Roku at

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Why wouldn’t I be able to watch and download my DVR recordings?

The XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku is just ready to get to XFINITY Cloud DVR recordings, i.e., those recorded and put away in the cloud, and not those recorded and put away on hard drive-based DVRs. In the event that you are a Cloud DVR supporter and you’re experiencing difficulty getting to your recordings, please get in touch with us through in touch with us.

If you don’t mind note, cloud DVR recordings are not accessible for download on Roku gadgets. To watch your substance in a hurry, please download the XFINITY TV app for bolstered Apple, Android, or Amazon Kindle gadgets.

How would I set up Parental Controls?

Parental Controls can be redone inside the XFINITY TV channel settings. These settings just apply to the gadget on which you are setting them. For more points of interest, perceive how to set up Parental Controls utilizing the XFINITY TV app and the XFINITY TV entrance.

How would I discover particular stations, TV shows and motion pictures with the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku?

In the app, you can look for programming by selecting the Search symbol from the principle menu. From that point you can scan for a motion picture, TV show, or channel name.

How would I channel content?

In the Live TV area of the app, you can channel by TV Listings, Kids, Sports, and Movies. In the On Demand segment of the app, you can channel by TV, Movie, Networks, and Kids programming.

Will I change channels on my Roku from the XFINITY TV Remote app?

No. The XFINITY TV Remote app, which is accessible in the App Store or Google Play, will just control a Comcast-if TV box. You should utilize the Roku remote control or the Roku remote control app to explore inside the XFINITY TV Beta app on Roku.

Remote Network Connectivity Tip

For an ideal review encounter utilizing the XFINITY TV Beta app on a Roku gadget or TV, keep your gadget or TV inside scope of the remote portal. Abstain from putting your portal on top of different gadgets, and keep it clear of deterrents. Try not to put your entryway in an encased territory or direct daylight. To get a more grounded remote flag, take a stab at moving or turning your entryway into various positions. Indeed, even a couple inches can offer assistance.