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Is there a fast way to remove Roku channels?

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How to Delete Channels on Roku?

If you have too many channels on Roku streaming device, deleting some unnecessary channels can unclutter your experience with the device. Fortunately, deleting channels on Roku is fast and easy. Here is a guide on how to delete one or multiple channels from your Roku account.

Step 1: Sign in to your Roku account

Go to the Roku website, sign in and select ‘My Account’.

Step 2: Visit Manage Devices

Select ‘Manage your devices’ and click ‘Manage’ on the device you want to delete channels from.

Step 3: Go to Channel Settings

Choose ‘Channel Store’ under ‘My Devices’ and select ‘Manage My Channels’.

Step 4: Delete Channels

Select the channel you want to delete and click the “Delete Channel” button. Once you confirm the delete, the channel will disappear from your Roku device.

Step 5: Repeat for Multiple Channels

If you want to remove multiple channels, repeat steps 4 until you have successfully deleted all the channels you no longer want.

Once you’ve deleted the unnecessary channels, Roku will be less cluttered and you can get back to what’s important – enjoy your favorite shows, movies and much more.


  • You can add or re-install any channel at any time in future.
  • Once you delete a channel, you can’t save its progress or preferences.
  • In case you want to reinstall the channel you deleted, you will have to start from the beginning.